can you have an ottoman and coffee table

Can You Have an Ottoman And a Coffee Table?

Having the right furniture in a living room or den make a big difference in how hospitable the space is and can also add to the comfort level. Many people wonder if you can actually combine two different types of furniture – specifically, an ottoman and a coffee table – and still create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. The good news is that it absolutely is possible to combine an ottoman and a coffee table!

What Is an Ottoman?

An ottoman typically is a large piece of furniture that can be used for serving or truncating. It usually has a cushion-like top and there will be a hollowed area underneath for storage. The ottoman can also be used as an additional seat; essentially, it can be used in a multi-functional way as one piece of furniture.

What Is a Coffee Table?

A coffee table, as the name implies, is typically a low-to-the-ground table with a flat surface. These are most commonly found in living rooms and dens, but can certainly be used in other spaces within the home.

How Can You Incorporate Both of These Types of Furniture?

There are several ways you can combine both an ottoman and a coffee table and still have a beautiful, inviting space. Here are some ideas:

  • You can use the ottoman as a coffee table. Put it in the center of the room and place a tray with a beautiful silk or velvet throw and some decorative coasters. This will give the room an inviting and sophisticated feel.
  • Use both the ottoman and coffee table side-by-side. This can be a great way to pair the two pieces of furniture. Place the coffee table slightly behind the ottoman and make sure there is enough space for foot traffic.
  • Increase the functionality of the ottoman. Place a tray or basket on top of the ottoman and use it as a storage spot for remotes, newspapers, books, and other small items.

You can also use the ottoman and coffee table individually in the same room. For example, you can use the ottoman as a seat at the end of a bed while the coffee table can still be used near the couch.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to incorporating an ottoman and a coffee table into the same space, there are several ways to do it without sacrificing style or comfort. Whether you decide to use them side-by-side, together as a coffee table, or individually, be sure to have fun with it and create a space you love.

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