can you have an ottoman and a coffee table

The Benefits of Having an Ottoman and a Coffee Table

If you’re debating whether to add an ottoman or coffee table to your living area, you may want to consider both. While they are designed to achieve different purposes, they can complement each other and enhance your overall aim of creating a comfortable and inviting living space. Here are just some of the advantages of pairing an ottoman and a coffee table:

Extra Seating and Storage Space

The combination of an ottoman and coffee table brings more seating and storage space to your living area. Ottomans typically have a hollow centre that can be used to store books, blankets and even magazines. The addition of an ottoman enables you to seat extra guests in a pinch, since it can also be used as a comfortable seat for additional people.

Versatility and Style

Having an ottoman and a coffee table in your living space offers both versatility and style. This combination can add a cohesive look to your living room. They can also be arranged in various formations, such as in the shape of a U, to address any need or aesthetic that may arise.

Multiple Uses

A coffee table and ottoman duo bring multiple uses to your living space. Ottomans are a great option if you want to put your feet up and relax. They can also easily be converted into an impromptu dinner table when you have guests.


When both pieces are well-made and taken care of, they can last for a long time. As long as you use a coaster to prevent damage from water rings, your coffee table can remain in good shape for many years. Similarly, the upholstery of an ottoman must be cleaned frequently to remain serviceable for a long time.

In conclusion, having an ottoman and a coffee table in your living space offers many advantages. Not only will you benefit from the extra seating and storage space, but you can also appreciate the multiple uses, versatility and style of this combination. With proper care and maintenance, you can guarantee that both pieces will maintain their look and functionality for a long time.

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