can you bring a glass coffee mug on a plane

Can You Bring a Glass Coffee Mug on a Plane?

It’s no secret that airports and airplanes are places where people need to observe certain rules and regulations. This includes packing properly and understanding the list of items that are considered safe to bring into cabins of the airplane. But what about bringing your favorite glass coffee mug on a plane?

Questions to Consider When Attempting to Bring a Glass Coffee Mug on a Plane

When you plan to bring your glass coffee mug or any other item on the plane, it’s important to consider the following questions:

  • Is my glass coffee mug allowed as a carry-on?
  • Will my glass coffee mug be allowed in the security checkpoint?
  • Will I need to package my glass coffee mug?

Tips for Bringing a Glass Coffee Mug on a Plane

Though ultimately airlines will determine whether or not your glass coffee mug is allowed on board, there are some tips for ensuring a smoother arrival:

  • Check the airline’s carry-on baggage policy when booking tickets.
  • Wrap the glass coffee mug in a few layers of bubble wrap.
  • Put the glass coffee mug on top for easy inspection in case it needs to be checked.
  • Don’t forget to bring a lid for the mug!

Keep in mind that the flight attendant might ask you to check the mug if they feel it doesn’t meet the airlines’ rules and regulations. If that’s the case, make sure it’s safe and all packed up in special packaging or bubble wrap to avoid any mishaps.


Bringing a glass coffee mug on to a plane may be possible―just make sure to check the airline’s policies first, package your mug safely and securely, and always have a lid handy. Happy travels!

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