can you bring a glass coffee mug on a plane

Can You Bring a Glass Coffee Mug on a Plane?

Whether you’re a caffeine-lover or not, you may find yourself wondering if you can bring a glass coffee mug onto a plane with you. The answer to this question is not as straight-forward as you may think, as there are a few important factors to consider with regards to the type of container and how you’re actually allowed to bring them onto a plane.

Types of Containers

The type of container you’re using to transport your coffee will ultimately decide whether you’re allowed to take it on a plane or not. Here are a few main types of containers to be aware of:

  • Metal Mugs/ Tumblers: Most metal mugs or tumblers, such as stainless steel mugs, can be taken onto a plane as long as they adhere to the standard airport security rules.
  • Paper Cups: Paper cups, such as those you may get from Starbucks or another coffee chain, are also generally allowed convenient to bring onboard.
  • Glass Containers: Glass containers, such as glass coffee mugs, are generally not allowed on planes unless they are inside a carry-on bag and wrapped securely.

Security Rules

No matter what type of container you’re bringing onto the plane, you’re going to have to ensure that it meets the airline’s security protocols. This means that there are a few rules that have to be followed, such as:

  • The container must be empty at the time of boarding.
  • The container must be properly sealed, latched, or closed.
  • Any liquids inside must follow the 3-1-1 rule. This means that liquids must be in 3.4 oz containers or smaller, placed in one clear, resealable 1-quart bag, and one bag per person.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to bring a glass coffee mug onto a plane, as long as it meets the security protocols set by the airline and is empty at the time of boarding. Make sure to check with the airline before you attempt to bring a glass coffee mug onboard.

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