can you boil water in a glass coffee pot

Can You Boil Water in a Glass Coffee Pot?

Boiling water in a glass coffee pot is possible, but there are a few important points to consider before you attempt it.

What You Need to Know

  • Handle with Care. Glass coffee pots can be susceptible to cracking or shattering if subjected to sudden temperature changes or blows. For this reason, care is paramount when boiling water in one. Generously oil handles and knobs, as the heat can cause them to become loose.
  • Keep the Fire Low. A low flame is necessary. The heat should be enough to make the water boil, but not so high that the pot overheats or that smoke starts to escape. You should increase the flame slowly.
  • Use Caution. Be extra cautious when pouring boiling water out of the coffee pot as the handle can become hot. Consider wearing oven mitts. Also, take care when cleaning the coffee pot: hard scrubbing might damage it.

Bottom Line

Boiling water in a glass coffee pot is possible, but keep in mind the potential risks involved. Nonetheless, with a skilled hand and few supplies, it can be a relatively simple experience.

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