can i use a coffee table with a baby

Using a Coffee Table with a Baby

Having small children and a coffee table may not seem compatible, and rightly so. Babies and toddlers lack the motor skills, and amount of awareness to keep them safe around a coffee table, or furniture with sharp edges and corners. However, it’s not impossible to use a coffee table with a baby, and still keep them safe.

Using the Space Strategically

Making sure the coffee table is away from the edges of the bed or couch, so the baby won’t be able to climb on furniture, is of the utmost importance. It’s also important to use the space the area under the table for valuable items, like a toy box for toys that the age of the baby allows. This can bea great alternative to a traditional toy box on the floor, and allows for more space in the room.

Safety is Essential

When using a coffee table with a baby, it is imperative that the table and its sharp corners are padded. This can be done with corner protectors and/or buying a baby-coffee table hybrid specifically designed for babies.

Keep a Clear Area Around the Table

It’s also important to designate an area around the table, away from toys and other furniture where the baby can be part of activities, like playing a boardgame. The baby should have a clear area away from distractions or obstacles, so they won’t end up running or waddling into the table and getting hurt.

To conclude, it is possible to keep the baby safe while using a coffee table. It is important to:

  • Keep the table away from edges and couch
  • Pad the table to create safe corners
  • Make sure there is a clear space for the baby to explore safely
  • Store toys under the table and out of reach

With the correct methods and techniques, a coffee table can offer a safe place for the family to come together and bond.

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