can i put a glass coffee pot on the stove

Can I Put a Glass Coffee Pot on the Stove?

Glass coffee pots are becoming increasingly popular due to their stylish designs and ease of use. But many people have raised the question – can you safely use a glass coffee pot on the stove?

The Pros of Using a Glass Coffee Pot on the Stove

  • Better Flavor: Stovetop-brewed coffee often has a richer flavor than when brewed through other methods, making your morning cup of joe all the more enjoyable.
  • Easy to Use: A stovetop glass coffee pot can be very easy to use – water and coffee grounds simply need to be added to the pot, then the pot placed on the stove to heat up.
  • Time Saving: With stovetop glass coffee pots, there is no need to wait for electricity to heat the water. All you need is a stovetop to get boiling water that can then be used to make your coffee quickly.

The Cons of Using a Glass Coffee Pot on the Stove

  • Safety Risk: Glass coffee pots made for stovetop use may be susceptible to cracking due to sudden temperature changes. If too much heat is applied to the pot, it can shatter, causing hot coffee to splash and potentially scalding someone.
  • Easy To Spill: When lifting a full, hot coffee pot from the stove, it is easy to spill the hot coffee if not careful. Not only can this be a hazard and potentially scald, but also leave behind a sticky mess to clean up.
  • Dangerous if Left Unattended: Leaving a glass coffee pot heating up on the stove can be dangerous, as it is easy to forget it is on and it can quickly boil over and cause a fire.


Using a glass coffee pot on the stove can be a great way to enjoy a wonderfully-flavored cup of coffee. However, it is important to always be aware of the safety risks that can accompany using a glass coffee pot on the stove. Always be sure to follow the directions for using the pot and never leave it unattended.

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