can i put a glass coffee pot on the stove

Can I Put a Glass Coffee Pot on the Stove?

Many coffee enthusiasts swear by the French press or Aeropress for a superior cup of coffee. However, stovetop coffee makers are just as popular for their convenience and size. But can you use a glass coffee pot on a stovetop?

The Benefit of a Glass Coffee Pot

Glass coffee pots have some advantages that can make them a great choice for the occasional cup of joe. Glass is heat-resistant and so the pot won’t warp or corrode like plastic can with time. Additionally, since the pot is clear, you can easily see the amount of water in the pot and watch the process as your coffee brews.

The Risk of Using a Glass Coffee Pot on the Stove

However, it is important to know that glass can shatter if not handled properly. This especially applies to the stovetop, where temperatures can quickly increase past the boiling point. And when hot glass meets water, it can easily shatter and burn you.

To avoid any hazards, make sure to:

  • Check the Glass: Ensure that the glass pot is free of any chips or cracks that could weaken it and easily break when heated.
  • Set on Medium Heat:Start with medium heat to allow the pot to heat evenly. Don’t use high heat, as that can cause sudden, rapid changes in temperature.
  • Stay Close: Monitor the pot as it heats. Once it’s close to boiling, immediately reduce to medium-low.
  • Be Careful Handling:When pouring or removing the pot, always use an oven mitt and gently tip the pot so that the hot liquid pours evenly.

Alternatives to a Glass Coffee Pot

If you prefer to use a glass pot but don’t feel comfortable using it on the stove, you can always switch to an electric kettle for heating water instead. Make sure to always unplug the kettle after use, and to use a pot holder when removing it from the stove.


Yes, you can put a glass coffee pot on the stove if you follow proper safety practices. However, you should understand the risks and use with care. You can also opt for using a stainless steel or other material coffee pot on the stove instead.

Whichever type of pot you choose, the main thing to remember is to always observe safety practices and be aware of the risks.

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