can i put a glass coffee pot on the stove

Can I Put a Glass Coffee Pot on the Stove?

The short answer to this question is no, you cannot put a glass coffee pot on the stove. Although glass items can typically be used in the microwave and oven, that’s not so for glass coffee pots on the stove. The sudden and extreme temperatures of a stove may cause your glass coffee pot to break or crack. Additionally, the extreme swings in temperature could ruin the flavour of your morning cup of joe.

Why Can’t I Use a Glass Coffee Pot on the Stove?

Glass coffee pots are usually made of either borosilicate glass or soda-lime glasses. Both of these types of glasses aren’t capable of withstanding the sudden and extreme temperature of a stove. This means that your glass coffee pot can shatter, break, or crack easily once exposed to the flame or element of your stove.

What to Use Instead of Glass

If you prefer to make coffee the traditional way without an electric coffee maker, then the following alternatives are perfect for you:

1. Traditional Metal Coffee Pots
Traditional coffee-making tools such as metal pots with long stems have been used for centuries and have been found to be a safer alternative to glass coffee pots for stove use. They are also easier to use since they are designed with a handle and can be placed directly over the element or flame.

2. Electric Kettles
Using an electric kettle is a great and energy-efficient way of heating water for your coffee. Electric kettles come with a variety of settings and indicators, allowing you to enjoy coffee at different temperatures and flavours.

3. French Press
French presses are an easy-to-use version of a traditional coffee pot, which don’t require any kind of electric device. Plus, you can get one of these for a fraction of the price of an electric coffee machine.

In summary, it’s important to be aware that glass coffee pots should never be used on the stove. The sudden and extreme temperatures of the stove can cause the glass to break or crack. If you’re looking for a safe alternative to make coffee, then traditional metal coffee pots, electric kettles, or a French press are all great options.

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