can i change the color of my quartz coffee table

Can I Change the Color of My Quartz Coffee Table?

Quartz coffee tables are a stylish and luxurious option for any living room. They are both elegant and modern. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive and are not available in a variety of colors. But, can you change the color of your quartz coffee table?

The Short Answer

In short, no. Quartz is a very hard stone and it is nearly impossible to change its color. In fact, it is a complex process to just etch a design on the surface of quartz.

Methods for Enhancing the Look

There are some ways that you can enhance the look of the coffee table without actually altering its color.

  • Use a Tablecloth: One of the easiest and cheapest ways to change the look of the coffee table is to use a tablecloth. You can choose a bold color that will hide the surface of the quartz and make the table look new again.
  • Flower Centerpieces: Another way to give the quartz coffee table a more dramatic look is to use flower centerpieces. This will draw the eye away from the quartz color and create a more exciting atmosphere in the room.
  • Table Accents: One final way to enhance the look of the quartz coffee table is to add table accents. This could include anything from candles to books. These items will create visual interest and draw the eye away from the quartz color.


While it is not possible to change the color of your quartz coffee table, there are still ways to enhance the look and make it appear as if it has been completely transformed. Using a tablecloth, flower centerpieces, or table accents can drastically improve the aesthetic of the table and make it a centerpiece of the room.

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