can glass coffee jar go in microwave

Can Glass Coffee Jars Go in Microwave?

You may use a glass jar to store freshly-brewed coffee but can it be used to heat it in a microwave oven too?

Pros of Heating Coffee in a Jar in a Microwave

There are some advantages to heating coffee in a glass jar:

  • One Step Process: You can combine the step of transferring coffee from one vessel to another and directly heat it up in the jar.
  • Heat Retention: Glass is known to be a good conductor of heat, which helps maintain the temperature of the coffee for a longer period of time.
  • Easy to Clean: You can rinse and air-dry the glass container as soon as you have finished heating and drinking your coffee.

Cons of Heating Coffee in a Jar in a Microwave

On the other hand, there are drawbacks to using glass coffee jars in the microwave:

  • Product Damage: Glass can be fragile and some glass jars may not be able to tolerate the heat of the microwave and get damaged.
  • Explosion: If the glass jar is exposed to heat for too long, it may explode.
  • Fragmentation: Overheating may lead to fragmentation of the glass.


Glass jars are not ideal for heating coffee in a microwave because of the risk of product damage, explosion and fragmentation. Should you still choose to use a glass jar to heat coffee in a microwave, it is important to not overheat and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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