can coffee table be higher than couch

Can Coffee Tables be Higher than Couches?

Coffee tables and couches often find themselves filling the same space, but there’s still one burning question on everyone’s mind when setting up a living room – can a coffee table be made higher than a couch?

If you’re re-arranging a living room and want your coffee table to stand out, or need to create extra space, higher coffee tables can be a great solution. Here’s all you need to know about this creative, modern décor option.

Why Choose a Higher Coffee Table?

There are many situations where opting for a higher coffee table can be a great solution to create an interesting look, or to gain more room. Some great reasons to choose a higher coffee table include:

  • Creating a more spacious feel: using a higher coffee table can create the illusion of openness, adding more breathing room to any living area.
  • Creating a unique, modern look: taller coffee tables often look stunning, and stand out beautifully from standard furniture pieces.
  • Creating a more comfortable feel for taller people: longer coffee tables can make it easier for taller people to use the table or sit more comfortably.
  • Protecting soft furnishings: higher coffee tables can improve air circulation, protecting sofas and upholstery from damage.

Where to Buy High Coffee Tables?

If you’re in the market for a higher coffee table, you may not find too many options at your local furniture store. Some popular online stores, however, have a wide variety of taller tables perfect for modern interiors.

  • – Amazon offers a wide variety of coffee tables in a range of materials, styles, and heights.
  • – Wayfair offers both tall and low coffee tables as well as rustic, modern, and more unusual design pieces.
  • – shoppers at Overstock can find a range of modern and vintage-style tables, in both lower and higher heights.
  • – West Elm offers modern and stylish furniture, with higher-than-usual coffee tables ideal for unique rooms.


Whether you’re after a unique look for your living room, or want a more comfortable sleeping experience, higher coffee tables can be a great addition to any space. Online stores now offer a huge range of fashionable and sophisticated table designs, perfect for any interior decor.

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