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The History of Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the essential piece of furnishing in the living room, proudly sitting at the centre of the space like a jewellery box on display.

The origin of the coffee table dates all the way back to the Ottoman Empire, when a low version of the table was used in the seating areas of a Turkish lounge. This table which was seen to be larger than a footstool, was known as divan-taki, and served mainly as a makeshift resting area for drinks and food.

Types of Coffee Tables

The modern day coffee table come in all shapes and sizes, often serving various purposes and designs. Here are the most common ones:

  • Glass Coffee Table – A glass based table which is very versatile, often made with a shelf for extra storage.
  • Wooden Coffee Table – A basic wooden structure which is often used as a centre piece in living rooms.
  • Mirrored Coffee Table – This is another very popular style of coffee table which is often used in spaces with smaller or limited lighting. It tends to reflect light off the surface and help to open up a space.
  • Storage Coffee Table – These are great for those who have limited storage and require more of a storage solution. Common designs include drawers, lids or even a cut-out box with a tray.


The coffee table has been an essential part of the living room ever since it was first invented in the Ottoman Empire. This piece of furnishing is also very versatile and comes in all shapes and sizes, making it perfect for any space.

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