can a glass coffee pot explode

Can a Glass Coffee Pot Explode?

It is a commonly held misconception that your glass coffee pot can explode. In actual fact, glass coffee pots are usually designed in such a way that they cannot explode. This is because a coffee pot is usually made from a particular type of high temperature glass that is designed to withstand high temperatures.

What Can a Glass Coffee Pot do?

Although a glass coffee pot may not explode, it is possible that it can break due to the intense heat of boiling water. This is especially likely if the glass pot becomes too hot.

When a glass coffee pot becomes extremely hot it could shatter, explode or even crack. This could cause boiling hot coffee to escape and potentially cause burns.

How Can I Prevent a Glass Coffee Pot from Exploding?

There are a few simple steps you can take to prevent a glass coffee pot from exploding:

  • Clean the pot regularly: Regular cleaning of the pot will reduce the build up of residue that can overheat and cause the pot to become too hot.
  • Check for cracks: Carefully check the pot for any cracks, chips or blemishes. A damaged or cracked pot should not be used.
  • Try to avoid boiling: Boiling temperatures can cause immense amounts of pressure within a glass coffee pot. Try to use the lowest temperature to reduce the risk.


To summarise, in most cases glass coffee pots are not likely to explode due to the nature of the high grade glass used in their construction. However, extra caution should be taken when using them, and they should be cleaned, checked and not overheated regularly.

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