can a dog bite through a glass coffee table

Can a Dog Bite Through a Glass Coffee Table?

Glass coffee tables can be a stylish and practical choice for the home, however one of their weaknesses is their vulnerability to a dog’s bite. So, the question is whether a dog is capable of biting through a glass coffee table.

The Science Behind the Bite

In order to understand if a dog has the jaw power to bite through a glass coffee table, we need to look at the scientific facts behind a dog’s bite. Studies have shown that the average dog bites with a pressure of about 200 to 400 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Why Glass is Vulnerable to Bite Marks

Glass coffee tables can be a weak material for this kind of pressure. This is because the average tempered glass has a tensile strength of about 3,500 to 10,000 PSI. This means the glass coffee table can’t withstand pressure of more than 10,000 PSI before it will crack or break.


The conclusion is that it is possible for a dog to bite through a glass coffee table. It’s important to be aware that glass is a relatively weak material and therefore is likely to break if exposed to physical pressure, especially when it comes to the bite of a powerful animal.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Glass Coffee Table:

  • Choose a table with thicker glass that is more resistant to cracking and breaking
  • Look for a table with safety features such as reinforced corners and edges
  • Choose a table with a strong, durable base
  • If you have dogs, consider a less vulnerable material such as wood or metal

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