can a coffee table be too low

Can a Coffee Table Be Too Low?

It’s easy to get caught up in the style and look of a coffee table, but it’s important to take the size and height into consideration before you decide. The right height should be proportional to your sofa, while the depth and length should work with the room’s layout. If a coffee table is too low, it can be difficult to use comfortably and can make a room appear unbalanced and off-kilter.

Proper Height for Coffee Tables

Ideally, your coffee table should be about the same height as the height of the seat cushion on your sofa. If it’s too low, it may come across as looking like an afterthought in the room. Additionally, having a coffee table that’s the same height as your sofa is great for mixing and matching with accent chairs, which gives your space a cohesiveness in scale and placement.

What You Can Use If You Have a Low Coffee Table

If you had a coffee table that’s too low, all is not lost. You can add ottomans or benches that are higher in order to keep the balance of the room. This also gives more options for seating since these extra pieces can be used as an additional spot to sit. Another bonus is that they can be moved around the room as needed and can come in handy when you’re hosting a large gathering.

How to Avoid Low Coffee Tables

  • Do Your Research: Make sure you take proper measurements so you know exactly what size coffee table you’ll need. This is a key factor in bringing a room together.
  • Measure Your Sofa: Be sure to measure the height of your sofa and seat cushion to ensure you’re getting a coffee table that is the proper height for your space.
  • Visualize: You can also visualize how the coffee table and sofa will look in your space and how it will interact with other furniture pieces. This can help ensure the height of the coffee table fits with the rest of the room.

In conclusion, while style and appearance can be important when selecting a coffee table, it’s important to take measurements and weigh the practical side of things as well. A coffee table that’s too low can easily throw off the entire look and feel of your space, so be sure to select one that is the right size and height.

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