are tempered glass coffee tables safe

Are Tempered Glass Coffee Tables Safe?

Tempered glass coffee tables are gaining popularity in homes due to their sleek and contemporary appearance. This type of coffee table is made from a type of glass that has been thermally treated, meaning it is much stronger and safer than ordinary glass. But are tempered glass coffee tables really safe for home use? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass (or toughened glass as it is sometimes called) is created by heating ordinary glass to high temperatures and then cooling it very quickly. This process causes compression and tension on the surface of the glass, making it much more resistant to impacts, extreme temperatures, and strong chemicals.

The Safety of Tempered Glass Coffee Tables

Tempered glass coffee tables are not only more impact-resistant than ordinary glass, they also shatter much more safely. If a piece of tempered glass does break, it will crumble into small, relatively harmless pieces, making this type of a coffee table much safer for home use than ordinary glass.

Cleaning and Care Tips for Tempered Glass Coffee Tables

Although tempered glass is very durable and shatter-resistant, it does require some special care. Here are a few tips for keeping your tempered glass coffee table looking its best:

  • Avoid abrasive or harsh cleaners, as these can scratch the surface.
  • Clean your table regularly with a windex and soft cloth.
  • Protect the surface from extremes of temperature, such as hot items.
  • Use coasters and placemats to protect the surface against spills and scratches.

In conclusion, temper glass coffee tables are a great choice for anyone looking for a modern and contemporary look. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are also very safe and durable when cared for properly.

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