are glass coffee tables safe

Are Glass Coffee Tables Safe?

Glass coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular because of their modern, elegant appeal, but are they safe? It’s important to understand the risks before considering a glass coffee table for your home.

Risks of Glass Coffee Tables

Glass is a fragile material that can accidentally shatter if not treated with care. Therefore, glass coffee tables:

  • May pose a hazard if used around small children
  • Are prone to breaking if a heavy object is dropped on them
  • Can easily chip if not handled properly

These risks should be taken into consideration before deciding if a glass coffee table is appropriate for your home.

Safety Considerations

Homeowners are able to reduce the risk of shattered glass by:

  • Ensuring that the glass has strong, heat-tempered safety glass
  • Purchasing furniture with edges and corners covered with protective padding
  • Purchasing furniture with rounded edges

Furthermore, to minimize the risk of shattered glass, any glass surface should be kept away from sources of heat, such as radiators, fire pits, and other heat sources.


Glass coffee tables can add elegance to any room, but they do pose a risk of breaking. Homeowners should ensure that the glass is strong and tempered, that the edges and corners are padded, and that it is kept away from sources of heat to reduce the risk of shattering. With the right safety measures in place, glass coffee tables can be a safe addition to your home.

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