are glass coffee tables out of style

Are Glass Coffee Tables Out of Style?

Glass coffee tables were a popular design choice in the mid-1990s, but over the last decade, their presence has become less and less common. While glass coffee tables are still available to purchase, many people think of them as the outdated furniture of yesteryear. Below, we’ll take a look at the reasons why glass coffee tables have lost favour in recent years, and talk about some of the more fashionable alternatives.

What’s Wrong With Glass Coffee Tables?

Glass coffee tables have been gradually falling out of favour for several reasons. These tables are seen as delicate and easily breakable, while also having a tendency to show every single smudge and fingerprint. Additionally, the glass dimensions are usually only suitable for smaller living spaces.

Modern Alternatives to Glass Coffee Tables

In recent years, the trend for classic shapes combined with modern materials has been increasingly popular. Coffee tables are no exception – wood and metal tables are currently the most fashionable choices among interior designers.

Many stylish options are available, including:

  • Scandinavian-style, with its strong linear shapes, light palette, and neutral tones
  • Industrial-style, combining wood, metal and concrete for a unique effect
  • Contemporary-style, featuring geometric shapes and vibrant colours

In short, design choice have come a long way over the past two decades, and glass coffee tables are no longer the go-to option when redecorating. While they are still available to purchase, other materials make a more stylish choice, and won’t succumb to the same problems of smudges and breakages.

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