are glass coffee tables out of style

Are Glass Coffee Tables Out Of Style?

Glass coffee tables are a classic furniture item in the home, but many people wonder if they are out of style. To answer this question, here are some things to consider.

Modern Takes On Glass Tables

When thinking about glass coffee tables, modern designs can often bring them back into fashion. Some of the most stylish designs include:

  • Modern Art: A glass coffee table with colorful, ethereal images printed directly onto the glass can bring a modern art feel to the home. This can be done by various means and make the glass table a focal point in the living room.
  • 3D Geometrics: Using 3D printing technology, glass coffee tables can be designed with intricate motifs and geometrics. This is a great way to add modern flair to otherwise traditional coffee tables.
  • Retro Styles: Retro patterns and colors can be printed directly onto the glass coffee table. This will give the room an interesting, vibrant accent piece without detracting from the overall room vibe.

Traditional Glass Tables

Traditional glass tables are still widely used and can look great in the living room or other areas of the home. A classic glass top table will provide a timeless feel without detracting from the overall decor. Some of the most popular designs are:

  • Victorian: Vintage glass coffee tables with wood bases or intricate wrought iron frames can bring a traditional feel to any room.
  • Rattan: Rattan and wicker can be incorporated in many beautiful designs that bring the outdoors inside. These airy pieces are a great way to bring a tropical vibe to the home.
  • Modern Metallics: Modern glass coffee tables can come in a variety of colors and finishes. Metallic pieces can particularly add flair to the room and, when matched with other furniture colors, can look stunning.


So, are glass coffee tables out of style? Not necessarily. Modern takes on glass tables, as well as traditional designs, can bring style and sophistication to any home. It’s important to consider the overall design of the room and the colors and finishes that match the home for the perfect glass table.

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