are glass coffee tables out of style

Are Glass Coffee Tables Out Of Style?

It can be difficult to come to a concrete conclusion about the current popularity of glass coffee tables, as the living room furnishing has seen a rise and fall in popularity depending on the decorating trends of the time. Glass coffee tables have been around since the 1950s, but have been a significant part of home decor since the 1970s.

The Pros

There are many benefits to owning a glass coffee table. One of the greatest advantages is that glass makes it easier to clean up–it is a lot simpler to dust or wipe away dust, particles, spills, and more compared to wooden coffee tables.

Glass coffee tables are also a great asset for creating a light, airy atmosphere. Instead of blocking natural light with a bulky wooden piece, light can gracefully pass right through a glass coffee table. This works especially well in small spaces or rooms with limited natural light.

The Cons

Glass coffee tables are utilitarian, but they don’t offer the same warmth and charm as a wooden table. If you’re looking to create an intimate environment in your living room, a glass coffee table combined with natural wood detail will do the trick.

Additionally, what’s great about opting for a wooden coffee table is that you can easily customize it with a coat of paint or some wood stain. This isn’t so simple with a glass coffee table.

The Verdict

It is difficult to definitively say that glass coffee tables are out of style, as trends come and go. However, when it comes to creating an inviting atmosphere for your living room, it is hard to pass up on the appealing nature of wood.

For homeowners who enjoy clean, modern concepts and are drawn to a low maintenance, airy environment, a glass coffee table may be the perfect fit. However, when it comes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, wooden coffee tables come out on top.


In short, the current state of glass and wooden coffee tables is down to the various pros and cons of both types. While glass coffee tables have the advantage of being low maintenance and modern, wooden coffee tables offer warmth, charm, and easy customizability that elevate home decor.

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