are glass coffee tables out of style

Are Glass Coffee Tables Out Of Style?

Glass coffee tables have long been a favorite of homeowners, interspersed in many home designs as a stylish accent. Yet, what’s old is new again in home decor, causing many to wonder if glass coffee tables are still a viable option for their living space.

Modern Options

Modern glass coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes, and many include features to modernize their use.

  • Colorful glass: Gone are the days of clear glass, with modern pieces coming in an array of tinted and frosted options.
  • Unique shapes: Circles, ovals, and squares are no longer the standard. Designers are looking to unique shapes to help create an eye-catching piece.
  • Functional surfaces: Not just for drinks, glass tables now come with a variety of surfaces for food prep and storage.

Continued Popularity

Coffee tables made from glass remain popular in the home decor world, an excellent choice if you’re looking to bring a bit of luster and shine to your living area. They’re ideal for modern and contemporary decor, but can also add a perfect pairing with traditional and more eclectic styling.


If you’re still unsure on whether glass coffee tables are the right fit for your home, know that their popularity is alive and well. Its timeless appeal adds a modern touch, but doesn’t make the mistake of relying on one trend or another. The beauty of glass tables keeps them relevant in today’s decor scene.

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