are glass coffee tables out of style

Are Glass Coffee Tables Out of Style?

The glass coffee table has been a staple in homes for many years. But with modern trends focusing on industrial and rustic furniture, it begs the question: are glass coffee tables out of style?

Pros of a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables have a few advantages:

  • Transparency: You can see through the table and it does not take up as much visual space in a room as solid-material tables. This is perfect for smaller areas where you want to maximise the space.
  • Easy To Clean: Glass coffee tables are some of the easiest to keep clean from dust. A damp cloth and a wipe down is all it takes.
  • Match Any Style: Glass tables can fit in with many different styles, from traditional to modern, depending on the design of the base.

Cons of a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables, however, also have their drawbacks:

  • Fragility: Glass is a fragile material and can easily break or crack if something is dropped on it.
  • Scratching: Glass is particularly prone to scratching over time. This can easily reduce its attractiveness and make it unsightly.
  • Price: Glass tables tend to be more expensive than tables made of solid materials.

Are Glass Coffee Tables Still In Style?

Ultimately, it all depends on the preference of the homeowner. Glass coffee tables are timeless and can fit perfectly with any style of home. They can bring elegance and a modern touch to a living room. So, while they may not be as popular as solid-material tables, glass coffee tables are certainly not out of style.

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