are glass coffee tables out of style

Are Glass Coffee Tables Out of Style?

Glass coffee tables have strikingly modern look that can add a stylish touch to any living room. But given the changing decorating trends, glass coffee tables have become a less popular choice. As contemporary style becomes more prevalent, glass coffee tables may start to feel outdated.


  • Elegant visual effect – Glass coffee tables create a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere in any room they’re placed in.
  • Easy to clean – Glass is non-porous and water resistant, making it easy to wipe off without any hassle.
  • Lends a sense of airiness – Glass furniture allows more light to pass through, providing an open and airy feel to a room.


  • Fragile – Glass is known to be fragile, as it can break if impacted by any object
  • Out of style – Glass coffee tables have become less fashionable as trends have shifted toward more minimalistic pieces.
  • Doesn’t blend with many styles – While glass can look great in a modern-minimalism themed room, it may clash with other styles like rustic and traditional.

In conclusion, glass coffee tables have been less popular in recent years as decorating trends have shifted towards more minimalist designs. While glass can add an elegant visual effect to any room, it may not fit as well as other materials such as wood or metal. Furthermore, glass can be fragile and can often not blend with certain styles. Therefore, if you’re looking to decorate your room, you may consider other materials before glass.

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