are glass coffee tables in style

Are Glass Coffee Tables in Style?

Glass coffee tables are often seen as a statement piece of furniture – both stylish and modern in appearance. They can really bring a living room together and instantly modernise a room. But are they in style?

The Pros of Glass Coffee Tables

  • Elegant and Sophisticated – A glass coffee table can give off a differing sense of style to many other types of coffee table. Often seen in designer and luxury settings, it can give off a feeling of sophistication and elegance.
  • Light and Portable – In comparison to many other materials, glass is much lighter. This is great if you need to move your coffee table around or even store it elsewhere.
  • Modern Appearance – Perfect for contemporary interiors and settings, glass is timeless and can be used to compliment any decor.

The Cons of Glass Coffee Tables

  • Fingerprints and smudges – The downside of having a glass coffee table is that it will inevitably get fingerprints and smudges which can be hard to clean.
  • Ease of Breaking – Glass is not as damage resistant as other materials so it is more susceptible to breaking if something is dropped onto it or knocked into it. This is especially true if you are using a tempered glass table.
  • Cleaning – As dust can be harder to remove from a glass surface, this will require more frequent cleaning which can be a hassle.


Overall, glass coffee tables are timeless and can be used to give a modern, sophisticated look to any interior. However, it is important to be aware of their cons such as the ease of breaking and difficulty of cleaning. As such, depending on the other furnishings and decor, choosing a glass coffee table could either be a great choice or something to be avoided.

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