are glass coffee tables dangerous

Are glass coffee tables dangerous?

Glass coffee tables are a popular furniture option for a lot of people, and may offer a unique, stylish look that adds to your home décor. However, there can be certain risks associated with glass coffee tables, depending upon their construction and how they are used. Read on to find out how you can safely incorporate a glass coffee table into your living space.

Shattering and Chipping

Due to their fragile nature, glass coffee tables can become cracked or shattered when hit with a hard enough item. Heavy objects placed onto the surface can cause chips and breaks. Therefore, it is recommended that a shatterproof glass option be used, or to ensure they are kept away from children and areas of high activity.

Potential Cuts

While some glass coffee tables may have had their edges buffed or rounded, others may still have sharp or jagged edges. Newer glass tables also have a tempered surface, meaning they will still be liable to sharp edges if they are broken or chipped. Therefore, glass tables should always be checked for sharp edges before use, and accidently bumped into.

CDs and DVDs

Glass furniture, specifically glass coffee tables, will amplify any sound made near it, including CDs and DVDs. This applies for CDs and DVDs placed on the surface of the table, or underneath, as the glass will amplify the sound made from the speakers and make it distorting and uncomfortable for those watching a movie.


Throughout the years, glass may warp and lose its stability. This can cause it to move from its original location, which may increase the risk of damage or injury. Therefore, ensure your glass coffee table is safe and secure, and any warpage is corrected.


Glass coffee tables can present a number of risks, depending on the construction and usage. Therefore, it is recommended to:

  • Use shatterproof glass when possible;
  • Check for any sharp edges;
  • Keep away from loud noises;
  • Ensure the table is stable;
  • Keep away from children.

By considering all of the above, you can safely and securely incorporate a glass coffee table into your home and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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