are glass coffee tables dangerous

Are Glass Coffee Tables Dangerous?

Glass has long been a popular material for furniture, but when it comes to coffee tables, the stakes may be higher. Glass coffee tables have an exceptionally modern and elegant look, but are they safe?

Potential Hazards

Glass coffee tables do bring a few potential risks with them:

  • Shattering: Glass can shatter if knocked hard enough, creating sharp pieces that could result in injury.
  • Sharp Edges: When shattered, glass can create sharp edges that may need to be monitored, especially if children are in the vicinity.

Safety Measures

Luckily, there are safety measures that can be taken to ensure the safety of glass coffee tables:

  • Use thick, tempered glass – Tempered glass is much stronger than traditional glass and can easily withstand a few bumps and bruises
  • Cover sharp edges – If the glass does break, you can construct a barrier or cover with padding to protect from any sharp edges
  • Secure the table – Glass tables are known for their tendency to move, so you can use double-sided tape or table pads to help keep them in place.

The Verdict

Glass coffee tables can be beautiful, but they also bring with them some potential risks. If these risks are identified and addressed by using the above safety measures, glass coffee tables can be a safe and stylish option for any home.

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