are glass coffee tables dangerous

Are Glass Coffee Tables Dangerous?

A glass coffee table can be an attractive – and practical – addition to any living room. But is it dangerous? The answer is complex, as it ultimately comes down to how the table is used. Let’s explore why glass coffee tables can be potentially dangerous and some tips for avoiding any incidents.

Why Can Glass Coffee Tables Be Dangerous?

Glass is more fragile than other materials, so it’s important to remember that a glass table can shatter and break easily. This makes it particularly dangerous for children, who may not understand the concept of “fragile” or who might bump or knock the table by accident.

Glass can also be slippery, especially when clean. This makes it easy to forget that it’s there and to accidentally trip or slip and fall.

Finally, glass sharpens when it breaks. This means that anyone who is unfortunate enough to be near the table when it does break could be at risk of coming into contact with a sharp piece of glass.

How Can Risk of Injury Be Minimized?

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of injury from a glass coffee table:

  • Avoid Placing Near Young Children – If possible, keep the glass table away from young children and those who are not familiar with the concept of fragile items. Letting children know that the table is fragile can help too.
  • Use Non-Slip Covers on Table Feet – To reduce the risk of falling when coming into contact with the table, use non-slip covers over the table feet.
  • Keep Spare Mats Handy – If a glass table does break, having mats to hand that can be placed beneath the table will help to catch any sharp edges.

Overall, it’s important to remember that a glass coffee table can pose a risk of injury. But if steps are taken to mitigate any potential danger, then glass coffee tables can be enjoyed safely.

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