are glass coffee tables dangerous

Are Glass Coffee Tables a Safety Hazard?

Glass coffee tables have become fashionable and popular items of furniture in recent years but have they become a safety hazard?

Risk of Injury

The risks of glass coffee tables include potential injury, especially when it comes to young children and their inquisitive nature. The glass can be highly breakable and may result in lacerations if someone falls or runs into the table.

Glass Weight

Some glass coffee tables are also heavy which could cause a risk of crushing or trapping fingers or other body parts, young children in particular can be vulnerable. Therefore it is important to consider the weight when purchasing a glass coffee table.

Sharp Edges

If the glass does break then it can result in sharp edges needing to be avoided, for both feet and hands. Sharp edges can cause long term injury and medical issues and any glass pieces must be cleared away from the area immediately.

How to Make a Glass Coffee Table Safe?

  • Choose durable, tempered glass.
  • Remove any sharp edges of the glass.
  • Don’t position the glass table near any items people may run into.
  • Seek professional advice if any concerns.

In conclusion, glass coffee tables can be a risk of injury and therefore steps should be taken to ensure they are kept in a safe environment. Always ensure the glass is tempered, remove sharp edges and keep pedestrian paths and the area around the table clear. Finally, if there are any utmost concerns then contact a professional for advice.

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