are glass coffee tables dangerous

Are Glass Coffee Tables Dangerous?

A glass coffee table is an increasingly popular choice when it comes to furnishing our living rooms but is it a safe option?

In recent years, glass coffee tables have soared in popularity, combining elegance and a modern look with practicality. However, due to the materials used in their construction, these tables can entail a certain amount of danger if not handled correctly.

The Hazards of Glass Coffee Tables

The most obvious risk associated with glass coffee tables is that of shattering. If struck with sufficient force, the glass can shatter, leading to injury. It is not just the broken glass itself that’s dangerous either, as the edges and even the fragments of glass can result in sharp lacerations.

The other main concern when it comes to glass tables, is the potential for slipping or sliding. As glass can be slippery, it can be easy to knock a glass table over. If a child or a pet is running around, this could be even more dangerous. This is why it is best to look for tables that have extra legs or features that prevent it sliding around the room.

Safety Tips To Consider

When using a glass table, there are certain safety tips that should be followed, such as:

  • Always ensure the table is stable and secure – Look out for coffee tables with anti-slip or anti-tip features.
  • Keep sharp objects away from the table – Children and pets may accidentally knock sharp items onto the glass, leading to shattering.
  • Take extra care when cleaning – When cleaning and dusting your glass coffee table, be sure to use the correct materials. Avoid abrasive and/or chemically harsh substances, as these may damage the glass.


Glass coffee tables can provide an elegant and modern look for any room, but it’s important to know that they can also be dangerous. By being aware of the risks and following the safety tips outlined above, you can ensure a safe experience with your glass coffee table.

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