are glass coffee tables dangerous

Are Glass Coffee Tables Dangerous?

Glass coffee tables can be an attractive and modern addition to any living room. But before investing in one, it’s important to consider the potential dangers they may present.

What Are The Safety Risks?

Glass coffee tables can be risky to have around children or pets, as they can easily cause injury if knocked over. These types of tables do not offer much protection for their surface, which can make them very easy to break. Broken glass can cause significant damage and potentially severe injury.

Additionally, some glass coffee tables come with sharp edges that can cause cuts if not handled with care. The surface of the table may also become quite slippery if a liquid is spilled on it, making it dangerous to walk around.

How Can The Dangers Of Glass Coffee Tables Be Minimized?

There are several ways to reduce the unsafe elements of glass coffee tables. Here are some tips:

  • Keep glass tables away from kids and pets: Glass coffee tables should always be placed in an area where little hands can’t reach them. If you have pets, you may want to consider using a protective cover.
  • Check for sharp edges: Make sure the edges of your table are rounded and not sharp.
  • Choose tempered glass: Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass and breaks into much smaller pieces, reducing the potential for injury.
  • Use non-slip mats: Place a non-slip mat or rug under or around the coffee table to minimize slipping and to protect the floor from spills.


Glass coffee tables can be a great addition to any living space, but they can also pose a risk of injury. However, by taking some precautions and making sure the table is used responsibly, the risks can be minimized. Safety should always be a priority when choosing a glass table for your home.

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