are glass coffee pots recyclable

Are Glass Coffee Pots Recyclable?

Glass coffee pots are a great way to enjoy a cup of coffee that tastes freshly brewed every morning. But what do you do with them once they are done brewing? Can glass coffee pots be recycled?

Tips on Recycling Your Glass Coffee Pot

The good news is that glass coffee pots are, in fact, recyclable! Here are some tips to make sure your glass coffee pot is recycled safely and properly:

  • Empty and rinse: Make sure to empty the remainder of the coffee and rinse the pot before recycling.
  • Separate components: Some glass coffee pots come with removable plastic or metal components. These must be separated from the glass portion before they can be recycled.
  • Find a local recycling program: Not all recycling centers accept glass, so make sure to call ahead and confirm your local recycling program will accept your glass coffee pot.


Glass coffee pots are a great way to make coffee at home, but when you are done it is important to make sure you recycle your coffee pot safely and properly so that it can be reused. Following the tips listed above, you will be able to ensure your glass coffee pot is recycled properly, helping to reduce waste and create a more sustainable future.

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