are glass coffee mugs safe

Are Glass Coffee Mugs Safe?

It can be hard to decide which type of coffee mug is best for your day-to-day use. Glass mugs are popular for their visual appeal and versatility but an unspoken concern among many consumers is their safety. Are glass coffee mugs safe to use?


Glass has been a popular material for centuries thanks to its near unbreakable nature when made correctly. Unlike other materials such as ceramic or plastic, glass can stand up to temperature changes, hot and cold liquids, and even most dishwashers.


Glass coffee mugs are a popular choice for everyday use because they are made from safety materials. If made with high-quality glass, your mug should remain safe and intact with little fear of glass-related injuries.

Care Tips

Although glass mugs are safe for everyday use, there are certain steps you should take to ensure your mug remains intact.

  • Avoid Temperature Extremes – To keep your glass mug safe, try to avoid sudden changes in temperature. Be sure to set your mug down away from radiators, open windows, and other sources of cold or hot air.
  • Keep Away from Sharp Objects – Be sure not to bring any items with sharp edges into contact with the glass. This can ensure there is no risk of accidentally chipping or cracking your mug.
  • Hand Wash Carefully – Most glass mugs are dishwasher-friendly, but hand-washing is still the safest bet. Use warm water and a mild detergent when hand-washing.

Bottom Line

Glass coffee mugs are a safe and stylish choice when used with the proper care. As long as you take simple steps to protect your mug, it should remain safe for your everyday use.

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