are glass coffee mugs microwave safe

Are Glass Coffee Mugs Microwave Safe?

Using a glass mug to make a cup of coffee isn’t uncommon, but many want to know if a glass mug is safe for use in the microwave. Glass mugs may be put in the microwave but there are a few things to keep in mind before doing so.

Check the Manufacturer’s Label

Before using a glass mug in the microwave, always check the manufacturer’s label. If it is marked as “microwave safe,” then there won’t be risk of the glass cracking or shattering in the microwave.

Handle with Care

If a glass coffee mug isn’t marked microwave safe, don’t put it in the microwave. But if it is, you’ll still need to handle it with care.

  • Avoid extreme temperature changes.
  • Don’t overheat it.
  • Don’t use if the mug is cracked or chipped.

Follow Safe Heating Practices

When using a glass mug for microwave heating, always use high power. This will help the mug reach its maximum temperature without overheating and risk shattering. Also, be sure to add extra time for heating liquids. Liquids take longer to achieve the desired temperature due to their density.


Glass mugs can be used safely in the microwave, however, you’ll need to practice safe heating practices and always check the manufacturer’s label to verify that it is indeed microwave safe. With the right precautions, a glass mug can be a great way to make a hot cup of coffee.

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