are glass coffee mugs microwave safe

Are Glass Coffee Mugs Microwave Safe?

When it comes to your favorite cup of joe, it can be tempting to just pop it in the microwave to reheat it when it gets cold. But is it safe to put a glass coffee mug in the microwave?

Glass Mugs vs. Ceramic Mugs

Glass mugs are typically made of tempered glass, which is much different than ceramic mugs. Ceramic mugs are made of a much denser material, and absorb microwaves in a way glass mugs don’t. That is why ceramic mugs are generally considered to be safe to use in the microwave.

Glass Coffee Mugs and the Microwave

Although glass coffee mugs are made of a sturdy material, it is generally not recommended to use them in the microwave. This is because glass mugs can actually “shatter” when heated in the microwave, even if there is nothing wrong with the mug itself.

Additionally, glass coffe mugs can contain metal accents, such as rims and handles that can get too hot for your hands when heated in the microwave.

Alternatives to the Microwave

If you’re looking for a quick way to warm up your coffee without using a microwave, consider the following:

  • Stove: Put your cup of coffee in a small saucepan with a few teaspoons of water and heat it up on the stove. This will slowly bring the temperature up, allowing you to enjoy your coffee at the perfect temperature.
  • Kettle: Simply pour hot water into your cup and let it sit for a few minutes. This will give you a nice warm cup of coffee without risking any breakage.
  • Tea Warmer:Many tea warmers come with a built-in mug holder, which is perfect for heating up your coffee. Just fill up the tea warmer with hot water, place your mug in the holder and let it sit for a few minutes.


Although many people use glass mugs in the microwave without any issues, it is still best to avoid it if possible. If you’re looking for a quick way to warm up your coffee, consider using a stove, kettle or tea warmer instead.

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