a glass coffee table problems

Problems with Glass Coffee Tables

Glass provides a contemporary and stylish look to any room, and many people have begun to use glass coffee tables instead of the traditional wooden or metal options. However, glass has some issues that require extra attention.


The most obvious problem with glass coffee tables is the potential for it to break. Glass is a delicate material and can easily crack if knocked or hit. To reduce the risk of breakage, ensure that any glass furniture is installed into the home securely and be sure to use non-abrasive cloths when cleaning.


Due to the delicate nature of glass, the coffee table may start to wobble or move due to minor blemishes in the surface of the glass. Although this is unavoidable, it may be corrected with regular maintenance to ascertain the level of the table and introduce any minor adjustments.

Safety Issues

The edge of a glass coffee table can prove hazardous if sharp and not smoothed down. This is a common problem when buying glass furniture, and the best approach is to look for rounded edges. Many companies provide glass furniture with softened, safer edges.


Glass furniture has many advantages and can provide a truly stunning look in any home. However, some of the disadvantages include:

  • Breakage – Glass is delicate and can easily crack when knocked or hit.
  • Unevenness – Due to its delicate nature, the glass may start to wobble or move.
  • Safety Issues – The edge of the table can be sharp if not softened.

By taking the above problems into account when buying a glass coffee table, you can be sure to enjoy the contemporary and stylish look of a glass furniture piece without any of the associated risks.

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