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What Are The Problems Associated With A Glass Coffee Table?

Glass coffee tables can be a desirable addition to a modern home, but they come with a few downsides. Consider these potential problems when deciding if a glass coffee table is the right choice for your living space.

Glass Surface

The first issue that can arise with a glass coffee table is the surface. Glass is a very unforgiving material that can cause serious injury if someone falls or trips against it. It is not suitable for homes with children or pets, since it can break easily and cause injury.


Glass can be more difficult to keep clean than wood or metal furniture articles. Dust and fingerprints are much more noticeable on glass, which makes it necessary to clean more often. A glass cleaner or even vinegar and water solution can help to keep a glass coffee table looking fresh and clean.

Heat Resistant

Glass is not resistant to extreme temperatures, so it is important to keep hot food and drinks away from the surface. Scorch marks and other damage can be difficult to remove, so using coasters and other protective items can help to prolong the life of your glass coffee table.


Glass is much heavier than wooden or metal furniture. This makes transporting and rearranging a glass coffee table difficult, especially for people with limited physical strength or mobility.

These potential problems should be considered prior to purchasing a glass coffee table. If your home is an appropriate fit for the material, it can definitely add a modern, stylish touch to your living space.

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