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Common Problems with Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables can add a unique, elegant touch to your home décor, but they may come with some potential problems. Discover the common issues to be aware of when owning a glass coffee table.


Due to their smooth surface and delicate material, glass coffee tables can often be prone to scratches and other damage. Even slight contact with sharp objects can lead to unsightly damages that can reduce the attractiveness of your furniture.

Reflection of Objects and Light

If you have direct sunlight entering through a window, this can cast reflections on the surface of the glass. This could prove annoying if your glass coffee table is situated close to the window. Objects placed next to the glass or set on the glass can also gain a reflection.

Difficulty Cleaning

Glass may not always be the simplest surface to clean, as there may be dirt and dust trapped in the glass crevices. Cleaning a glass table is also a delicate task, as using too much abrasive cleaner or scrubbing too harshly can damage the finish of the glass.

Weight Capacity

Many types of glass coffee tables are fragile and may not always support heavy objects. It is best to check the weight capacity of the table before adding any nik nacks or large books onto the glass surface.

How to Care for Glass Coffee Tables

You can protect your glass coffee table and keep it looking great with these tips:

  • Invest in table protectors: padded table protectors are a great way to provide cushioning and extra protection for your glass coffee table.
  • Use a micro-fibre cloth: When cleaning, avoid using abrasive cleaners and opt for a soft, micro-fiber cloth.
  • Polish with a lubricant: Use a furniture polish or wax to give an extra shine and a protective finish.
  • Minimise contact with sharp objects: Keep sharp objects far away from the glass to avoid any scratches and other damage.

With these tips, you can ensure your glass coffee table stays looking pristine and adds beauty to your home.

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