a floating style 6 beam coffee table

Introducing the Floating Style 6 Beam Coffee Table

The Floating Style 6 Beam Coffee Table offers a unique combination of industrial and modern country farmhouse inspiration for your living space. Constructed from aged teak wood, it features six staggered steel beams with a low-profile table-top. This impressive piece brings visual impact and open storage into your home decor and helps you to create a stunning talking point for guests.


  • Aged Teak Wood Construction – This robust material gives the table a natural look that is guaranteed to last.
  • Six Staggered Steel Beams – The contrasting materials of steel against teak create an eye-catching look.
  • Table-Top Design – The low-profile tabletop offers a contemporary touch.
  • Open Storage – The Floating Style 6 Beam Coffee Table comes with open storage space built into the legs, providing a handy extra space to use.


By bringing the subtle industrial sparks and modern country vibes together, the Floating Style 6 Beam Coffee Table looks perfect in home decor ranging from rustic to ultra-modern. Perfectly sized, this table offers a unique visual impact that invites admiring glances, yet does not take over your living space. If you are looking for a striking statement piece for your living room, then the Floating Style 6 Beam Coffee Table is an ideal choice.

To round off the look, simply put your favourite attractive home items on the table, such as flowers in a vase, a stylish lamp or a decorative sculpture. With the Floating Style 6 Beam Coffee Table, you can easily bring a touch of modern-industrial chic to your living space.

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