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Coffee Table Size

Coffee tables are one of the most common pieces of furniture in homes, and choosing the right size is essential to achieving a successful interior design.

Factors to Consider

When selecting a coffee table size, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Area size: Before shopping for a coffee table, measure the area available for the table. Most coffee tables should be between two-thirds and three-quarters the length of the sofa, for example if your sofa measures 6ft long, your coffee table should be between 4ft and 4.5ft.
  • Height: The ideal coffee table height should be 1-2 inches lower than the seat of the sofa. If the coffee table is too tall, it becomes difficult to put items on it or rest your feet. Too low and it’s harder to get in and out of the sofa.
  • Shape and Style: Before deciding on a size, consider the shape and style of your coffee table. Rectangular or square shapes work well with rectangular sofas, while round tables can work with round sofas and corners. Additionally, the height requirements may differ depending on the style.

General Size Guidelines

Once you’ve taken into account the factors mentioned above, use these general size guidelines as a reference when shopping for a coffee table:

  • Square or rectangular tables: measure between 18-24 inches wide and 18-24 inches deep.
  • Round tables: measure between 22-28 inches in diameter.
  • Oval tables: measure between 24-36 inches wide and 14-20 inches deep.


Choosing the right size for a coffee table is important for the look of your room. With the right combination of factors and size guidelines, you’ll be able to find a coffee table that fits your space perfectly.

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