a beautifully broken virginia coffee table book

A Beautifully Broken Virginia Coffee Table Book

This distinctive and visually stunning book offers all coffee lovers the best, classic and fresh coffee recipes from the beautiful state of Virginia. Produced and created in the United States, this coffee table book features a cold pressed coffee beans illustrations by artist Ajay Ratanak.


  • Authentic Textures – This book is designed with a beautiful, textured sleeve and authentic Virginia coffee beans illustrations.
  • Rustic Design – The coffee table book has a rustic yet modern design, making it look timeless and special.
  • Exclusive Recipes – Every recipe created in this book is exclusively sourced from the renowned local coffee farms in Virginia.

Stories Behind the Recipes

The book also features stories from local baristas and artisans about their love and passion for coffee from Virginia. From the farmers who painstakingly bring the freshest tasting beans to the artisans who invented them. These people will share their knowledge and insight about the craft and culture of coffee for everyday coffee lovers.

A Timeless Keepsake

This Virginia Coffee Table book is a lasting keepsake that’ll look great in any home or office. It beautifully captures the classic and nobleness flavor of a classic Virginia coffee and displays the unique characteristics of coffees from this region.

Now you can enjoy the beauty of Virginia coffee right at your own home with this tasteful, beautifully broken Virginia Coffee Table Book.

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